Media Player Classic Homecinema 1.7.7

Turn your computer into its own little home cinema as you play your favorite movies

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    Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 98

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Media Player Classic Homecinema 1.7.7
Media Player Classic Homecinema 1.7.6

Media Player Classic Home Cinema is a simple media player program that supports most audio and video files. The user interface is based on the classic version of the Media Player application that came with Windows XP and earlier versions of the operating system. While the two programs may look similar in appearance, Media Player Classic Home Cinema is vastly superior in terms of functionality, as it supports a large number of video and audio formats. This allows it to play media files that the standard Windows Media Player doesn't support.

A Simple and Reliable Media Player

Media Player Classic Home Cinema is a player application that will meet the needs of most users. The controls are very simple to figure out, as they're essentially the same as those of the native media player app on Windows. The menus are intuitive, allowing you to quickly find any function that you need while using the software.

It supports most of today's audio and video formats, such as MP3, MP4, MOV, WMV and FLV, so it shouldn't have too much trouble playing media that you downloaded from websites or using file sharing programs, unless it uses a really obscure format. Additionally, Media Player Classic Home Cinema supports playing DVDs and CDs. Unfortunately, one feature that it lacks is support for streaming video. Therefore, if you often watch live TV streams like sports broadcasts, you'll have to use another player.

In terms of reliability, Media Player Classic Home Cinema is reported to work very well and the latest edition comes with a variety of bug fixes. It's unlikely to lock up or run into playback issues, even when playing movies in full HD.

A Good Choice for Most Users

Media Player Classic Home Cinema is great for anybody looking for a simple media player as an alternative to the one included with Windows. It's completely free to use forever and doesn't display any ads like some of its competitors. The program is very reliable and has no trouble opening media files in many formats. It will also play videos smoothly on older PCs. If your computer isn't too powerful and you experience issues like choppy audio and skipped frames in other media players, give Media Player Classic Home Cinema a try and there's a high chance it will work much better.

The only downsides to this program is that it isn't as powerful as a few other players. It doesn't support streaming video and lacks certain features like taking snapshots or taking clips from a larger video file and converting it to another format. If you don't need these more advanced features, you'll likely be happy with what Media Player Classic Home Cinema has to offer.


  • Supports most of the common audio and video formats.
  • Plays videos smoothly on older PCs.
  • Free to use with no ads.
  • Simple interface modeled after the classic built-in Windows Media Player.


  • Doesn't support video streaming.

Media Player Classic Home Cinema (MPC-HC) is an open source media player that organizes and supports most media files in a very small format.

Consumer home theater designers and daily media users sift through hundreds of files on a regular basis for enjoyment. Windows developed the Media Player Classic Home Theater program suite to accommodate for this changing way that media is used. The latest software is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. It is an open source application and can be modified for the public as developers find new enhancements and tweaks to this popular program. The setup is simple and control navigation uses standard stop and start functions. An external menu bar is available on both formats of MPC-HC for organizing tiles and genres of media to pull up. The initial setup will scan the computer or media server for all available media types. Specific media types can be aggregated away from the initial setup to organize later.

This program is considered an all-around player that can also function as a DVB player. A DVB player is a digital broadcast player and can accept open standards for digital broadcast television. This can create a new way of saving favorite shows or displaying a live game on a media PC in 1080p quality. The software scans all channels just like a digital television. The installation parameters can be set up to recognize various input channels outside digital broadcast networks. This can be used for connecting different media entertainment equipment on different channels or setting up a live video chat.

The program is a popular choice for developing a Media PC (MPC) for a home theater setup on a budget. In fact, MPC-HM contains several customizable options that can be tweaked and downloaded depending on the setup. Advanced settings include a command line setup to install custom theater policy trailers or the ability to connect to a home DLNA server. A local DLNA server can add enhanced organization techniques for categorizing popular movies or live broadcasts. Many users install additional codecs and add-ons to this popular software to encode H.264 and full 1080p onto older media clips.


• Very lightweight setup for fast loading and startup

• Plays 1080p video in all formats

• Intuitive organization settings


• Advanced settings have a learning curve

• User interface has limited layout styles

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